Swim and Snorkel tours

Swim in the beautiful blue Pacific ocean off the coast of Waikiki with up to 6 persons total, where you will be able to view our undersea wild life in its natural state.  There are all kinds of reef fish such as Uhu, or Parrot fish, Oio of bonefish, Weke or goat fish, Papio or Trevelly, Humuhumunukunukuapu’a or trigger fish our state fish, lau Hau or butterfly fish, Lau Palo or Yellow Tang, not to mention our Honu or Endangered Green sea turtle too and much, much more Tropical fish!   We also have water toys at your disposal such as a large water float which can hold up to 6 people, a paddle board, surfboard, and a two man kayak!  You can choose to relax and suntan in our bean bag chairs on the bow all while sipping your favorite beverage and listening to your favorite music.

For those who prefer not to swim or suntan, relaxing in our air conditioned salon, watching movies on Ho’okipa’s 55” flat screen television or playing games on one of 3 Playstations on board may be more to their liking.  You have the flexibility to book this minimum 3 hour tour to include food and beverages.  If not, you can choose to bring your own food and beverage at a discounted hourly rate.  Masks, Snorkels, and Fins are included for up to 6 persons. Extended tours are available up request.


3 Hours with light food and beverage       $2,100.00

3 Hours without food and beverage          $1,500.00



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